ROAD TO ROME - Sarah Potenza

A Note from Sarah:

When I set out to make this music, I found myself struggling creatively. All of my life I have wrestled with my inner saboteur. “What’s the point? Who do you think you are? You think you’re worthy?” Then one day, I just reached a breaking point, and I let go. I decided that I would not make one single choice based in fear. I walked though it, past it, and I wrote “Road to Rome”.

I am so proud of and so in love with this album. It has changed my life, and now I want everyone to discover its magic. Bursting with confidence and contagious amounts of self-love, I urge you to please consider “Road to Rome” for a nomination in the category of Best Contemporary Blues Album.

Thank you!
Sarah Potenza


Brimming with confidence and boasting production that calls to mind the Mark Ronson vibe of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.
— Rolling Stone, 2019
Potenza is to the blues what Adele is to pop: a colossal-voiced singer who merges her old-school influences with a modernistic sound.
— Rolling Stone
Potenza is the epitome of empowerment, grabbing the listener with a voice that’s as moving as her lyrics.
— American Songwriter Magazine, 2019
A tornado of a soul singer
— American Songwriter Magazine, 2019
(Potenza) testifies in the name of self-love.
— NPR, 2019
The world needs Potenza’s voice, one that belongs to a powerful woman who’s not afraid to put forth her honest opinions, share courageous self-reflections, and unabashedly own every aspect of herself, making her voice important not only in today, but for years to come.
— No Depression, 2019
Powerhouse vocalist Sarah Potenza is intent on empowering women and, for that matter, all of us, on her Road to Rome.
— Glide Magazine, 2019
Potenza, a different kind of entertainer, tells it like it is and delivers truth wrapped in poetic stories, uplifting messages—all with a killer voice.”
— Rock and Blues Muse, 2019



The Official Music Video for "Diamond" off the new album, 'Road The Rome'.


Produced & Mixed by Jordan Brooke Hamlin 
Gena Johnson, Russ Long and Jordan Brooke Hamlin – Engineer 
Helen Vaskevitch- Engineering Assistant
Mastered by Joe Causey, Voyager Mastering 
Recorded at MOXE in Nashville, TN
Ian Crossman – Guitar, Baritone Guitar 
Megan Coleman and Derrek C. Phillips – Drums and Percussion
Vanessa McGowan and Ron Eoff – Bass Guitar
Mr. Jimmy Rowland – Piano, Organ, Clavinova 
Kai Welch – Piano, Mellotron, Moog, Organ 
Jordan Brooke Hamlin - Organ, Keys, Programing, Synth, Rhodes, Percussion, String Arrangement
Ben Folds – Cameo (Happiness) 
Sarah Potenza – Lead Vocals 
Tonya Boyd-Cannon – Vocals, Vocal Harmonies, Vocal Harmony Arrangement
Lenesha Randolph – Vocals, Vocal Harmonies
Alanna Royale and Elizabeth Cook - Vocals