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Getting to MOXE


The physical address of the house/studio is:

3707B Whites Creek Pike

Nashville, TN 37207


If you’re coming from Briley Parkway/Nashville, as soon as you pass the Parmley Cove subdivision, you’ll see the “3707” numbers at the bottom of a very long gravel driveway. As you travel up the long gravel driveway, you’ll see a little farmhouse. This is part of our property, but not where you’re headed, so just keep on heading back all the way until the driveway ends. There is paved parking for about 6-10 (depending on blocking in) around the house.

We are approximately 22 min from the Nashville Airport (BNA) and 15 min from downtown Nashville. Lyft and Uber are available, but pro tip…you will often need to give them a heads up when they get close about the long driveway and not stopping at the first house.




Password: kennylogin

Network: MOXE/RavensLanding


In the kitchen, in the corner cabinet, there is a pullout for the trash and recycling (it will be labeled to indicate which is which). Typically, we’ll take these out for you regularly if it is during sessions, but if it gets full, the larger trash and recycling bins are in a small pull-behind trailer by the garage/load-in deck and the trash bags or recycling can be put in there. Recycling will not need a bag and can be dumped directly in.

Glass recycling is separate from this system. There are three colored bins in the garage where you can put glass once it has been rinsed out. Also, a more convenient temporary in is in the pantry so you don’t have to take them out one by one.


Upon your arrival, there will be keys on the buffet table in the kitchen for you. (Under the black painting) Please return these when you leave.


There is a remote attached to the guest keys. This will control 1) the lights on the “party deck” out front 2) the lights under the party deck by the firepit and 3) the Christmas lights on the main house. If the security lights aren’t enough to light your way going downstairs to the VIP Suite, it can be helpful to turn on these lights. Please remember to turn them off when they’re not in use (or overnight).


"Alexa, turn the VIBE on”

“Alexa, turn the PIANO on”

“Alexa turn the STUDIO on”

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Esspresso Machine


Day of Contact