Sound on Sound

A Dream Studio In the Woods

Nashville, TN (July 3, 2018)—Stay, retreat and create are the watchwords at MOXE, a residential studio and inspirational creative environment set way back in the woods on a 19-acre lot north of downtown Nashville. Designed, owned and operated by women, the facility is helmed by Jordan Brooke Hamlin, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer who has worked with the likes of Grammy Award-winning duo the Indigo Girls, Danni Nicholls, Rachael Yamagata, Missy Higgins and Audrey Assad.

“Place affects what you create,” says Hamlin, who has been a touring and studio musician for the past 15 or so years. She got into engineering and producing 10 years ago: “I’ve mainly been driven by curiosity. I don’t feel like I know anything else other than trying to chase what sounds good to my ears.”